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  • Silly season

    Spring pimps for summer
    Now that the Oscars are over, let's get dumb.

  • Spring clearance

    Discriminatin' picks for the frugal music snob
    I've seen the best music snobs of my generation destroyed by downloading — instead of savoring full albums the way one might enjoy a vintage claret, they're slamming down random shots of bands with stupid names, passing out, and blanking on what they hea

  • Booking it

    Fiction, non-fiction, poetry
    Spring fiction goes international, starting with a whiff of the Caribbean.

  • Variety shows

    Trailer parks, baseball curses, mad scientists, and Darwin
    There's plenty more than we can fit in, but here's a sampling of the broad range covered on Boston stages this spring, from new works to Shakespeare and Mel Brooks.

  • Tall stories

    Puppets, painted poetry, and the Kennedys
    The Institute of Contemporary Art gets down and dirty this spring with Mexican artist Jerónimo López Ramírez, who's better known as DR. LAKRA — or, as they might say in his home of Oaxaca, "Dr. Delinquent."

  • Sonny, Pat, and all the cats

    Names you know and names you should
    The primo jazz event of the spring will be SONNY ROLLINS 's concert at Symphony Hall on April 18 ( The great master saxophonist and peerless improviser often hits town in April, and this time it's to kick off his 80th-birthday tour. Whew.

  • High stepping

    Dancing with the stars
    The heavy-hitter repertory shows this season come from ALVIN AILEY and GEORGE BALANCHINE . But why not welcome spring by taking a chance on fresh experiences as well?

  • Bach beat

    Lions and lambs
    Composers John Harbison and Peter Lieberson are big presences this spring.