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Yeah, Red Dead Redemption rocks.
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Game over! Red Dead Redemption takes mortal damage in the Laser Orgy 500.
But what do your friends think?"
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48.Red Dead Redemption


Nowadays, it doesn’t take much for a game’s setting to stick out. So Rockstar’s wild-west epic — complete with Morricone-esque score — earns high marks to start by creating the world of New Austin, where you’re never far from a fistfight, poker game, or stagecoach robbery. On top of that, the time-warp of the classic Grand Theft Auto formula resulted in less of the extraneous business that characterizes GTA. Not that I didn’t still waste a few hours playing horseshoes and breaking horses: I was having so much fun out West that I didn’t want to ride off into the sunset too quickly. _Ryan Stewart READ MORE: Review: Red Dead Redemption, by Mitch Krpata
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