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Yeah, God of War III rocks.
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Game over! God of War III takes mortal damage in the Laser Orgy 500.
But what do your friends think?"
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God of War III


What is Kratos so angry about — again? God of War has always been a little silly, but in this third game, the series descends into pure camp. Kratos hacks and slashes his way through thousands of enemies, each bigger and more gruesome than the last. Besides the cannon fodder that he slices through like so much softened butter, he topples an encyclopedic array of legendary beasts. He rips the eyes from multiple Cyclopses, decapitates Gorgons, leaves Centaurs writhing with their entrails spilled across the floor. Graphic violence is a hallmark of this franchise, but it always seemed to mean something. Here it serves the same purpose as a geek show. And for all the gore on display, the game blushes and slinks away when it comes to sex. Of course, God of War has always been a power fantasy, and when it comes to the pure spectacle of one pale warrior opening up a can of mythological whoop-ass, no game does it better. God of War III strikes a nice balance between combat and puzzles, and unlike its immediate predecessor, it doesn’t pad its slim running time by locking Kratos in rooms full of endlessly spawning enemies. And the visuals! For presentation, this is the best God of War yet. READ MORE: Review: God of War III, by Mitch Krpata
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