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Top 50 Games of all Time
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Yeah, Street Fighter II rocks.
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Game over! Street Fighter II takes mortal damage in the Laser Orgy 500.
But what do your friends think?"
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10.Street Fighter II


Many Street Fighter sequels have entered the arena, but none can best the 1991 classic, where E. Honda and the gang duke it out for the privilege of bitch slapping M. Bison and toppling his mysterious criminal empire, Shadaloo. Unlike its arch nemesis Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter II needn’t compensate for unimaginative gameplay with blood ‘n guts. Unlike some modern fighters we could name — ahem, SoulCalibur — frantic button-mashing won’t help you against savvier human opponents. But Street Fighter isn’t just a game. It’s a brand! Though it has inspired several fairly awesome animated, comic, and manga adaptations, The Legend of Chun-Li should’ve spared itself a lot of embarrassment and gone straight to video. Jean-Claude Van Damme deserves to be pummeled by a hadouken barrage for ’94’s late-term abortion of an action movie. Though Van Damme could easily block the fireballs by holding the back button, he’s not smart enough to figure that out, and no one will explain it to him, because he has no friends. _Barry Thompson
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