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Yeah, Super Mario World rocks.
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Game over! Super Mario World takes mortal damage in the Laser Orgy 500.
But what do your friends think?"
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5.Super Mario World


Let’s face it: the much-beloved Super Mario Brothers 3 was always 16 bits of game stuffed into an 8-bit bag. It pushed the NES to its limits, and that meant its limits were showing all over the place. When Nintendo released Super Mario World, five years of ideas that wouldn’t fit into the NES burst onto the screen at once. We saw the Mushroom Kingdom as if for the first time: vibrant, colorful, with a huge cast of over two dozen enemies, bullets that nearly fill the screen, wizards, ghosts that go fishing, cacti that walk, and seven vicious koopalings. And none of that matters. Because in Super Mario World, the white knight is finally united with his trusted steed. At last Mario takes his rightful place atop a mighty dinosaur who devours his enemies, pausing occasionally to spit one out their remnants in a deadly blaze of fire. Vengeance, thy name is Yoshi. Super Mario World didn’t push or even explore the Super Nintendo’s limits (it would be three years before Starfox and Donkey Kong Country did that) but it let us experience what the world’s most beloved franchise had always aspired to, and that’s plenty. _Dave Barker
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