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Yeah, Super Metroid rocks.
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Game over! Super Metroid takes mortal damage in the Laser Orgy 500.
But what do your friends think?"
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6.Super Metroid


Super Metroid is less a game than an experience. I find I remember it as something that I did, not something I played. Part of the credit must go to the extraordinary environment design. From a rain-soaked exterior, through a subterranean jungle, and into the sulfurous core, Planet Zebes feels like a real place. Even without looking at your map, you can understand how this world fits together. So many games have taken their cue from this one that it’s surprising how fresh Super Metroid still feels. There’s not an element out of place. Samus’s power-ups never feel flashy or gratuitous, but useful and necessary. As her powers increase, she still seems to be skirting the edge of survival on a hostile planet. Super Metroid also stands as one of the best examples of in-game storytelling, delivering interactive narrative moments that developers are still trying to match. Every significant event is playable: the revelation of Kraid’s true size, the Mother Brain’s rebirth, the desperate final escape from the bowels of Zebes. Super Metroid doesn’t wrest control from the player during these dramatic moments; it forces you to confront them. No one has ever done it better. _Mitch Krpata
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