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Yeah, Earthbound rocks.
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Game over! Earthbound takes mortal damage in the Laser Orgy 500.
But what do your friends think?"
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Stumble upon EarthBound when the cement of your young brain is still drying, and you're liable to come away just a bit warped. At the outset of Shigesato Itoi's deceptively sweet 1995 RPG, plucky all-American boy Ness and his cheerful entourage battle such adorable foes as Rowdy Mouse and Clumsy Robot. But as you play, you descend deeper into the game's deranged side: from the demonic lunacy of the inside-out parallel dimension Moonside, to ultimate baddie Giygas, a mind-raping monster supposedly inspired by Itoi's own traumatic childhood memories. The game gives you all that, plus a Blues Brothers parody. Come for the cute, stay for the delirium. _Shaula Clark
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