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Top 50 Games of all Time
  • 10. Street Fighter II

    Many Street Fighter sequels have entered the arena, but none can best the 1991 classic, where E. Honda and the gang duke it out for the privilege of bitch slapping M. Bison and toppling his... READ MORE

  • 9. Tetris

    It feels as if Tetris wasn’t invented, it was discovered. When Alexey Pajitnov stumbled onto those magical seven tetrominoes in a dark Soviet laboratory in 1984, the elements of the game clicked into place like... READ MORE

  • 8. Chrono Trigger

    Years before Jonathan Blow created Braid and briefly became the toast of the gaming world, years before we started having (and almost immediately growing sick of) the “are games art?” argument, and years before Final... READ MORE

  • 7. Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

    When Castlevania games get it wrong, as they often do, it’s because they don’t make Castle Dracula an interesting enough place to visit. Symphony of the Night avoids that mistake. This castle is a sprawling,... READ MORE

  • 6. Super Metroid

    Super Metroid is less a game than an experience. I find I remember it as something that I did, not something I played. Part of the credit must go to the extraordinary environment design. From... READ MORE

  • 5. Super Mario World

    Let’s face it: the much-beloved Super Mario Brothers 3 was always 16 bits of game stuffed into an 8-bit bag. It pushed the NES to its limits, and that meant its limits were showing all... READ MORE

  • 4. Portal

    Portal enters the canon on its mechanic and its memes. The mechanic first: the idea of walking through walls and falling through ceilings and staring at your own butt as you plummet to your death... READ MORE

  • 3. The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past

    Link to the Past is the third game in the Zelda series, and it’s still considered the zenith of the franchise, as well as the best Shigeru Miyamoto game ever to grace the SNES. Although... READ MORE

  • 2. Super Mario Bros. 3

    It should be hard to single out the best Super Mario game. There are so many, and most of them are fantastic. But Super Mario Bros. 3 stands apart. It doesn’t just one-up the original... READ MORE

  • 1. Half-Life 2

    Valve’s Half-Life introduced gamers to fictional MIT professor Gordon Freeman, a bespectacled hero who saves the world from aliens. In Half-Life 2, Gordon fights still more aliens. But the Half-Life franchise is not your typical... READ MORE

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