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Top 50 Games of all Time
  • 30. Rock Band 2

    Rock Band 2 highlights the transient nature of lists like this. In ‘07, Rock Band would have this slot; if we redid everything next week, Rock Band 3 would probably show up instead. Still, Rock... READ MORE

  • 29. Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

    The first three Call of Duty games took place during WWII, but Modern Warfare trail-blazed the franchise’s path into the future. The game takes place in 2011 and describes a third World War involving Russia... READ MORE

  • 28. Counter-Strike

    Fancy new multiplayer shooters seem to hit shelves every nanosecond, and yet Minh Le and Jess Cliffe’s 1999 minimalist mod of Half-Life remains a favorite for PC gamers over a decade later. Counter-Strike’s short, hectic... READ MORE

  • 27. Grand Theft Auto III

    One afternoon in late 2001, a luxury automobile cruised past me. Observing this, I thought, “Hmm, I should jack that car and joyride like a maniac until the cops kill me somewhere around the four-star... READ MORE

  • 26. Mega Man 2

    Blaster-to-blaster combat with the twisted creations of Dr. Wily was what really separated the poseurs from the hardcore kids. Not to disparage Mario, but practically everybody beat Super Mario Bros. Mega Man games, by contrast,... READ MORE

  • 25. Metal Gear Solid

    Hideo Kojima’s baroque masterpiece refuses to be categorized. It’s an action game in which the best course of action is to hide from enemies. It’s got a rogues’ gallery whose comic-book exteriors mask inner lives... READ MORE

  • 24. Doom

    A genre-defining precursor to the likes of Halo and Half-Life, Doom received some undue blame for guiding Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold toward batshit insanity. But if the Columbine killers really aspired to emulate Doom’s... READ MORE

  • 23. Okami

    No other game looks like Okami. Like a watercolor painting brought to life, it’s all pastels and black ink outlines. No other game plays like it, either. Players can pause the action at any time... READ MORE

  • 22. Resident Evil 4

    And now you know what it’s like to be hunted. To be alone, to be outnumbered, and to be vulnerable. Resident Evil 4 starts with the most intense survival scene you’ve ever played, just you... READ MORE

  • 21. Contra

    Macho 1980s action movies met their match in Contra, surely the manliest game ever committed to silicon. Playing as one of two shirtless, muscled heroes — modeled after Arnold and Sly on the box cover,... READ MORE

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