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Top 50 Games of all Time
  • 40. Ninja Gaiden

    When it comes to training gamers in combat skills, the Wii and all its interactive doodads (read: opportunities to chuck your make-believe katana through your TV) may reign supreme these days. But even on the... READ MORE

  • 39. Civilization IV

    I almost wish Sid Meier hadn’t created the Civilization games. That way, the fourth installment — a paragon of the real-time-strategy format, pitting you against foes from throughout history — wouldn’t have claimed whole months... READ MORE

  • 38. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

    BioWare are the masters of the cinematic “choose your own adventure/gender/scruples” story, thanks to the success of Mass Effect and Dragon Age. But KOTOR remains their high point, because none of their homegrown properties match... READ MORE

  • 37. Secret of Mana

    Modern games only wish they could boast as many features as Secret of Mana did back in the day. This game broke away from the classic turn-based-RPG form and incorporated Zelda-esque real-time combat instead. Although... READ MORE

  • 36. ICO

    “Escort mission.” The phrase sends chills up most gamers’ spines. Usually, it means you’ll be saddled by a braindead, computer-controlled ally, who will act as deadweight if you’re lucky. And here is Ico, an entire... READ MORE

  • 35. Fallout

    In 1997, Black Isle Studios brought us one man’s journey to find a water chip for the vault that protected his Utopian society from a post-apocalyptic wasteland. The Fallout franchise expanded when Bethesda Softworks took... READ MORE

  • 34. Donkey Kong Country

    Maybe this speaks to my heathen upbringing, but firing up this 1994 game for the first time was as close as I've ever come to having a religious experience. Using Silicon Graphics technology, Brit developers... READ MORE

  • 33. God of War

    No video-game hero has ever been angrier than Kratos. He is a being of pure rage, and his fury manifests in everything he does. Kratos wrenches his enemies’ heads off their necks. He snaps bones... READ MORE

  • 32. Mortal Kombat II

    The high point of my life came the night I saw the movie Clifford, starring Martin Short. After the show, I made a beeline to the Mortal Kombat II machine in the lobby. Spectators gathered,... READ MORE

  • 31. Earthbound

    Stumble upon EarthBound when the cement of your young brain is still drying, and you're liable to come away just a bit warped. At the outset of Shigesato Itoi's deceptively sweet 1995 RPG, plucky all-American... READ MORE

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