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Address: Rte 302, Bartlett
Phone: 603.374.2600
Hours: weekdays 9 am to 4 pm; weekends and holidays 8 am to 4 pm

Call 877.677.7669 for snow conditions. Bear Peak features 30 acres of marked tree terrain in seven different glades, and Attitash boasts the largest superpipe in New Hampshire.

Vertical Drop:Attitash, 1750 feet, Bear Peak, 1450 feet
Number of Trails:75 total, 33 percent novice, 47 percent intermediate, 20 percent expert
Snowboarding:two terrain parks and 500-foot super-pipe
Snowmaking Capacity:98 percent
Lifts:three quad lifts (two high-speed detachable), three triple lifts, three double lifts, and three surface lifts
Rates:midweek adults $62, juniors (13 through 18) $48, seniors (over 65) and children (six through 12) $39
weekends adults $69, juniors $54, seniors and children $48
Rentals:skis and snowboards $36
Instruction:group lessons $30/90 min
private lessons $79/hour or $270/day

Address: Rte 26, Dixville Notch
Phone: 800.255.0600
Hours: daily 9 am to 4 pm; subject to change

This 15,000-acre resort in the Great North Woods has NASTAR facilities, horse-drawn sleigh rides, and a skating rink. Lifts are complimentary for registered guests.

Vertical Drop:1000 feet
Number of Trails:16 total, plus five gladed areas, 25 novice, 50 intermediate, 25 expert
Snowboarding:terrain park
Snowmaking Capacity:80 percent
Lifts:two triple chairs, one double chair, one rope tow
Rates:call for details
Rentals:call for details
Instruction:call for details

Address: Rte 16B, Jackson
Phone: 603.383.4490
Hours: daily 9 am to 4 pm

Call 800.475.4669 for snow conditions. A family friendly ski area located in the Mount Washington Valley with activities, racing, and special events throughout the season.

Vertical Drop:1100 feet
Number of Trails:44 trails and glades, 34 percent novice, 32 percent intermediate, 34 percent expert
Snowboarding:half-pipe and two terrain parks
Snowmaking Capacity:98 percent
Lifts:one triple, one double, one platter-pull, one J-bar
Rates:weekdays, adults $25 and juniors/seniors $21
weekends, adults $39, juniors/seniors/students $25. Kids under six always ski free
Rentals:adults $30, juniors $24
Instruction:group lessons $30
private lessons $45/hour

Address: Rte 302, Bretton Woods
Phone: 800.314.1752
Hours: weekdays 9 am to 4 pm, and Sat and Sun 8 am to 4 pm; night skiing 4 to 9 pm on selected dates; subject to change

Call 603.278.3333 for snow conditions or 800.258.0330 for lodging. This historic resort boasts over 100 sprawling trails on two mountain peaks. Season begins in mid-November.

Vertical Drop:1500 feet
Number of Trails:101 total, 25 novice, 29 intermediate, 31 black diamond, 16 double diamond
Snowboarding:four freestyle terrain parks
Snowmaking Capacity:92 percent
Lifts:five quads, two carpets, one double chair, one triple chair
Rates:call for details
Rentals:call for details
Instruction:call for details

Address: Franconia Notch Parkway, off I-93, Franconia
Phone: 603.823.8800 or 800.237.9007 for lodging and reservations
Hours: weekdays 9 am to 4 pm, and weekends 8:30 am to 4 pm

Call 603.823.7771 for snow conditions. The mountain in Franconia Notch is the home of the New England Ski Museum.

Vertical Drop:2146 feet
Number of Trails:75 total, 15 novice, 40 intermediate, 20 expert
Snowboarding:terrain park open to skiers and riders
Snowmaking Capacity:97 percent
Lifts:one tram, three quad chairs, three triple chairs, one wonder carpet, one rope tow
Rates:adults $66, college/teen $50, juniors/seniors $40. Tues and Thurs, two lift tickets for $66 or one for $40 (non-holiday)
NH residents pay $33 on Wed (non-holiday)
Rentals:ski/snowboard rentals $39 for adults/teens/seniors, $29 for juniors
Instruction:group lessons $40, private lessons $62/hour

Address: Box 1640, North Conway
Phone: 603.356.5543
Hours: weekdays 9 am to 4 pm, Sat 8:30 am to 9 pm, and Sun 8:30 am to 4 pm

This affordable resort tucked away in downtown North Conway offers more than 200 skiable acres, as well as seven dining options, kids' programs, tubing, night skiing, and entertainment and special events all season long. Scheduled to open on Dec 8. Call 603.356.8522 for group packages.

Vertical Drop:1200 feet, with W, NW, and SW exposures
Number of Trails:43 total, with seven glades: 36 percent novice, 44 percent intermediate, 20 percent expert
Snowboarding:freestyle terrain park with quarter-pipe
Snowmaking Capacity:100 percent
Lifts:one quad, one triple chair, two double chairs, two carpets, one rope tow
Rates:adult $55, teen $42, kids/seniors $31
Rentals:ski and snowboard packages $35 adults, $32 youth
Instruction:group lessons $49 to $109, private lessons $70 to $225
prices vary by age and length

Address: 615 Francestown Rd, Rte 47, Bennington
Phone: 603.588.3668
Hours: Mon 1 to 9 pm (9 am to 9 pm holidays), Tues through Fri 9 am to 9 pm; Sun 9 am to 5 pm. Midnight Madness begins Dec 26

Crotched Mountain has the highest snow-production capacity per acre in New England and offers Midnight Madness skiing from 9 am to 3 am on Fri and Sat nights.

Vertical Drop:875 feet
Number of Trails:17 total, 28 percent novice, 50 percent intermediate, 22 percent advanced
Snowboarding:Love Park is equipped with its own quad chair, and Zero-G terrain park features its own triple chair
Snowmaking Capacity:100 percent
Lifts:two quads, one triple chair, one double chair, one magic carpet
Rates:weekdays, adults $45, juniors/seniors $35
weekends, adults $51, juniors/seniors $41. Midnight madness is $39
Instruction:group lessons $29, private lessons $65/hour

Address: 39 Grafton Tpk, Lyme Center
Phone: 603.795.2143
Hours: daily 9 am to 4 pm

This family-oriented ski area at Dartmouth is home to nearly 100 All-Americans and more than 30 national champions. Opening day is tentatively set for Dec. 12.

Vertical Drop:968 feet, two mountains with W and NE exposures
Number of Trails:31 total, seven novice, 15 intermediate, nine expert
Snowboarding:terrain park
Snowmaking Capacity:70 percent
Lifts:one quad, one double chair, one J-bar
Rates:weekdays adults $25, children ages six through 12/seniors (65-79) $20
weekends adults $40, teens 13 thorugh 18 $30
children/seniors $25
Rentals:adult ski packages and all snowboards $30, kids ski package $20
Instruction:private lessons $60/hour, semi-private lessons $35 extra for each additional person

Address: Rte 11A, Area Rd, Gilford
Phone: 603.293.4341 or 800.486.7862
Hours: Mon 9 am to 4 pm, Tues through Thurs 9 am to 9 pm, Fri 9 am to 10 pm, Sat 8:30 am to 10 pm, Sun 8:30 am to 4 pm

Located in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire, Gunstock has scenic views of Lake Winnipesaukee and the third-longest lift in the state. The Panorama High Speed Quad takes skiers over a mile to 1400 vertical feet in only six minutes. The tentative opening date is Dec 4.

Vertical Drop:1400 feet
Number of Trails:55 total, 12 percent novice, 61 percent intermediate, 27 percent expert. Night skiing (Tues through Sat) includes 21 trails and five lifts
Snowboarding:all trails, a terrain park, and a half-pipe
Snowmaking Capacity:90 percent
Lifts:three quads (one high-speed), two triples, one double, one conveyor
Rates:weekdays adults $56, teens $44, kids and seniors $31
weekends $66, $54, $41. On Twofer Monday get two tickets for $56
Rentals:adults $38, children $30
Instruction:group lessons $35 each, private lessons $65 an hour

Address: 1251 Eaton Rd, Rte 153, E Madison
Phone: 603.367.8896 or 800.373.3754 for lodging
Hours: Mon, Wed, and Thurs 9 am to 4 pm; Tues and Fri 9 am to 9 pm; Sat 8:30 am to 9 pm; and Sun 8:30 am to 4 pm; holidays 8:30 am to 9 pm

King Pine's gentle terrain is ideal for children and beginners, but thrill-seekers can ski "Pitch Pine," one of New England's steepest trails. Area includes a skating rink, indoor pool, nursery, tubing area, and fitness complex. Opening day is Friday, Dec 11.

Vertical Drop:350 feet
Number of Trails:17 total, 44 percent novice, 31 percent intermediate, 25 percent advanced
Snowboarding:Twisted Pine Terrain Park and half-pipe
Snowmaking Capacity:100 percent
Lifts:three triple chairs, one rope tow, one magic carpet lift, one tow handle
Rates:adults $44, juniors and seniors $30
Rentals:adults $34 adults, juniors under 13 $26, children under six $16
snowboard package $34
Instruction:group lessons $28, private lessons $68

Address: 60 Loon Mountain Rd, Lincoln
Phone: 603.745.8111
Hours: weekdays 9 am to 4 pm; weekends and holidays 8 am to 4 pm

Call 800.229.5666 for snow conditions, 800.229.5666 for lodging at the mountain, or 800.227.4191 for the Loon lodging bureau. The resort is located in the White Mountain National Forest. Season scheduled to begin on Nov 21.

Vertical Drop:2100 feet, with a NNW exposure
Number of Trails:48 total, six glades, 17 percent novice, 67 percent intermediate, 16 percent expert
Snowboarding:snowboard park, a 400-foot in-ground super-pipe, and a half-pipe and Northstar Terrain Park
Snowmaking Capacity:97 percent
Lifts:one four-passenger gondola, three high-speed detachable quads, one fixed-grip quad, one triple chair, three double chairs, two surface lifts, one children's conveyor
Rates:call for details
Rentals:call for details
Instruction:private lessons $110

Address: Rte. 103, Mount Sunapee State Park, Newbury
Phone: 603.763.3500
Hours: weekdays 9 am to 4 pm, weekends and holidays 8 am to 4 pm

A family-owned and operated resort in southern New Hampshire. Season runs from late November to mid-April. Call 603.763.4020 for snow conditions.

Vertical Drop:1510 feet, with a NNE exposure
Number of Trails:65 total, 17 novice, 32 intermediate, 16 expert
Snowboarding:half-pipe and alpine-terrain park
Snowmaking Capacity:97 percent
Lifts:three quads (one high-speed), two triple chairs, one double chair, four surface lifts
Rates:weekdays adults $64, teens and seniors $48, juniors $38
weekends $68, $56, $42
Rentals:adults $39, juniors $27
performance ski rentals $49, $41
snowboards $39, $27
Instruction:group lessons $40, private lessons $90

Address: Rte 114, Henniker
Phone: 603.428.3245
Hours: daily 8:30 am to 4 pm until Dec 26; hours extended after the holiday and vary throughout the season

Call 888.728.7732 for snow conditions. Offers child care and kids' programs, snowtubing, and apres ski entertainment.

Vertical Drop:710 feet
Number of Trails:22 total and six glades, 50 percent novice, 18 percent intermediate, 14 percent advanced, 18 percent expert
Snowboarding:"Turbulence Park" terrain park, freestyle terrain park
Snowmaking Capacity:100 percent
Lifts:two triple, three double, one J-bar tow, one handle tow, two carpet lifts, F-5 tow
Rates:weekdays adults $42, juniors and seniors $39
weekends $54, $46
Rentals:adult $34, juniors and seniors $30
snowboards $34, $30
Instruction:group lessons $25, private lessons $70

Address: Ragged Mountain Rd, Danbury
Phone: 603.768.3600
Hours: weekdays 9 am to 4 pm, and weekends 8:30 am to 4 pm

Call 603.768.3971 for snow conditions. Out-of-bounds skiing is available if natural snowfall permits.

Vertical Drop:1250 feet
Number of Trails:45 total, 30 percent novice, 40 percent intermediate, 30 percent expert
Snowboarding:four terrain parks
Snowmaking Capacity:84 percent
Lifts:one six-pack, two triple chairs, one double chairs, one surface lift
Rates:weekdays adults $52, teens $39, juniors/seniors $29
weekends adults $62, teens $49, juniors/seniors $39
Rentals:ski/snowboard package $38
Instruction:group lessons $39/two hours, private lessons $59/hour, semi-private (two to five people) $110/hour

Address: 151 Tenney Mountain Rd, Plymouth
Phone: 603.536.4100 or 888.289.1020
Hours: Mon, Thurs, and Fri 9 am to 4 pm; Sat and Sun 8:30 am to 4 pm; closed on non-holiday Tues and Wed

Vertical Drop:1400 feet
Number of Trails:48 total, six beginner, 27 intermediate, 15 expert
Snowboarding:terrain park
Snowmaking Capacity:85 percent
Lifts:one triple, one double, one platter pull, two surface lifts
Rates:weekdays $25
weekends and holidays $50 adults, $40 juniors, seniors, college students
Rentals:ski and board packages $36, juniors and seniors $29
half-day rentals available
Instruction:group lessons $32, private lessons $63, semi-private lessons (two to five people) $39

Address: Rte 49, Waterville Valley
Phone: 603.236.8311
Hours: weekdays 9 am to 4 pm, and weekends 8 am to 4 pm

Call 603.236.4144 for snow conditions. Opens for the season on Nov 21.

Vertical Drop:2020 feet on Mount Tecumseh
Number of Trails:52 total, including five glades, 20 percent each novice and expert, 60 percent intermediate
Snowboarding:five parks and a 400-foot superpipe
Snowmaking Capacity:100 percent
Lifts:three double chairs, two triple chairs, two quads, five surface lifts
Rates:adults $67, teens/college students $57, juniors six through 12 $43
Rentals:adults $41, kids seven through 12 $34
Instruction:group lessons $41, private lessons $99 during peak (10 am to noon) and $85 off-peak

Address: I-89, exit 16, Enfield
Phone: 603.448.1489
Hours: weekdays 1 to 8 pm, Sat 9 am to 8 pm, Sun 9 am to 4 pm

This mountain focuses on extreme sports and offers night skiing, programs, camps, and events.

Vertical Drop:700 feet
Number of Trails:30 total, eight novice, 12 intermediate, 10 expert
Snowboarding:two terrain parks
Snowmaking Capacity:85 percent
Lifts:one double chair and two surface lifts
Rates:midweek flat rate $20
weekends $40, youths (13 through 18) $30, children (six through 12) or seniors (over 65) $25
Rentals:$30 ski/snowboarding package, $25 youth/senior
Instruction:group lessons $29, private lessons $65/hour

Address: Rte 16, Pinkham Notch, Jackson
Phone: 603.466.3326 or 800.255.6439
Hours: weekdays 9 am to 3:30 pm, and weekends 8:30 am to 4 pm

Call 888.754.9453 for snow conditions. The mountain is across from Mount Washington and features the longest ski trail in New Hampshire. On-site childcare available. Season begins in mid November.

Vertical Drop:2112 feet
Number of Trails:47 total, 25 percent novice, 45 percent intermediate, 30 percent expert
Snowboarding:terrain park
Snowmaking Capacity:90 percent
Lifts:one high-speed detachable quad, three triple chairs
Rates:adults $65, teens $55, juniors and seniors $39
Rentals:shaped skis, snowboards, and telemark skis $35, high-performance skis $42
Instruction:group lessons $30, private lessons $55